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"My daughter loves life, but Music Together® brought her an exceptional level of joy. She literally skipped to the car each time I told her it was time for 'Hello....everybody'! Will definitely stick with the program for as long as we can."

"I just loved class. My one year old daughter just has grown so physically in class. She plays with other children, stomps, claps and dances to the music. I also have gained a new appreciation for music and my increased knowledge. Thank you."

"Music Together has been an amazing experience, not only for myself, but my child as well....Awesome!"

"Best way to introduce musical concepts to children in a fun and encouraging environment. Many thanks for a great semester.."

"Debbie is great! Depth of knowledge and love of children obvious."

"My child loves to come and has learned to love music everywhere he goes."

"Music Together has enriched our lives...a 'priceless' experience with my grandson!!!"

"It's fun for kids and they love learning and singing the songs outside of class. My son is almost 2 and I loved how he started to sing certain words from the songs. He even began to know which song would come next. The CD made car rides way more enjoyable and he enjoyed doing the moves we learned with each song!"

The Music Together Babies class has brought our whole family closer and has helped us bond more.”

"Since we started class there's a lot more singing and dancing in our house, and we're all a lot happier.”

"I would recommend this program to other parents because of the foundation it offers kids and parents...the scientific basis/foundation very helpful. Loved the CD, Debbie's vast knowledge of kid's musical growth/needs and the variety of instruments, scarves - ways of responding to music."

"It's a great organized environment for children to interact with each other through song and dance. I learned a lot about how to help my daughter's musical development."

"We love it! This is a wonderful way to introduce music to children and their parents - to become more comfortable playing music with their children."

"I really believe Music Together helped my daughter with language development. At 13 months she is babbling and communicating verbally much more than before taking this class."

"I will continue next semester to keep growing in music and getting to know ourselves and our child through music."

"Excellent, as always. Debbie does a great job of engaging the kids. A great way for kids to begin to develop musical skills."

"Fascinating! It's such a comprehensive program (CD for home and car, book, etc.) that it's really becoming an integral part of our life."

"I have been recommending this class to everyone with small children. This class is the best. I have learned a lot and so has the litle person I bring with me."

"We loved it! He enjoys the songs so much and I'm glad I now have the confidence to sing and dance more with him.

"Excellent, we are big fans! Lasting results."

"Another fantastic semester! So exciting to see my daughter integrate Music Together at home - it has become a part of our daily life!"

"After almost 6 years of participating in Music Together with my children, I still enjoy the experience of watching them delight in using new instruments, sing along to the familiar songs in the car and enjoy dancing and interacting with other children in a musical environment."